Maha Vairocana Buddha Purification Ceremony Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia ( 23 May to 25 May 2008)

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Maha Vairocana Buddha Purification Ceremony ( H.E. Tsultrim Cheopak Rinpoche)

Maha Vairocana Buddha Purification Ceremony held at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall KL, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia on 23 May ( Fri ) to 25 May 2008 from 10.00a.m to 10.00pm.

Day 1 : 23 May 2008 ( Friday)  : Maha Vairocana Buddha Obstacle Purifying Puja.

Day 2 : 24 May 2008 ( Saturday)  : Medicine Buddha Puja ( Good Health & Prolong Life Puja).

Day 3 : 25 May 2008 ( Sunday)  : Maha Vairocana Buddha Chang Chok Fire  Puja.


The Benefits Of Performing The Mahavoirocana Changchok:

Upon therequest of the heavenly king Indra that a method might be shown for the liberation of Decaputra Akashavimala from the evil realms of existence the Buddha expounded the teachings of Sarvavid Vairocana for purifying evil realms,in the Heaven of Thirty Three.

The rituals , which are included in the teaching , are meant for destroying and purifying the sufferings of Samsara in general and that of the evil realms in particular,together with their causes, the non-virtuous action.


Moreover , there areapecial meritorious deeds that can be performed for the deceased by their relatives and friends.

In these  very important event,at the sametime ,we would like to pray for the victims and whoever died on earthquake in Sichuan Provinve,China and terrific Hurricana in Myanmar recently.

Please kindly visit these meaningful event .

Thank you very much.

For Further Information, please kindly contact

Elaine        +6012-2890206

Pooi See     +6012-3258829

Kitty Chan  +6016-2623079

Ho              +6012-6747323 


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

16 May 2008




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